SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System

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The SRNE 5Kw all-in-one inverter ensures your off-grid needs are fully covered.

  • 1 X 5000W 24V Off-Grid Inverter.
  • 5.12kWh, 200Ah, 51.2V LiFePo4 battery.

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Presenting the cutting-edge SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System. Unveil the power of an all in one inverter – SRNE all-in one, your solution for efficient energy
Uniting an inverter and battery in one savvy module, this system showcases both sophistication and utility. The system can efficiently manage energy distribution, ensuring optimal power use, and thus preventing wastage. The SRNE All-In-One opens the doorway to unparalleled energy efficiency.

Inverter Model: SR-EOV05C-220.
Brand: SRNE.

  • An integrated inverter and battery into one, SRNE achieves a stride in simplicity and functionality. With this system, setup hassles diminish, leaving more room for productivity. Furthermore, it caters to diverse power needs effortlessly, making it ideal for homes, businesses, or off-grid applications.
  • The compact SRNE 5Kw 24V 200Ah LiFePO4 All-In-One System and the indispensable SRNE Wi-Fi Module complement this spectacular offering.
  • Integrated design, easy to use and quick to install.
  • This SRNE all-in one has multiple working modes and can respond flexibly to different needs.
  • This 5Kw all-in one system will provide backup power during an outage, and it will also reduce your electricity bills.
  • Fast and flexible charging: Can be charged with the grid or solar panels or both at the same time.
SRNE 5Kw 24V 200Ah LiFePO4 All In One System
SRNE 5Kw 24V 200Ah LiFePO4 All-In-One System
  • Power: 5000W.
  • Max. Peak Power: 10,000VA.
  • Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave.
  • Parallel Capacity: 2 units (up to 10kW).
  • Dimension: 500 x 555 x 130mm.
  • Max. PV Array Power 5500W.
  • Voltage: 500Vdc.
  • Power 5.12kWh.
  • Voltage 51.2V.
  • Capacity 100Ah.
  • Type LFP.
  • Lifespan 6000 (@ 80% DOD,0.5C,25 ºC).
  • Max. Parallel Capacity 4 units.
  • Dimension 600 x 555 x 130mm.

Choosing solar? The SRNE 5.12kW LiFePO4 System is a great, cost-effective option. It’s easy to install, reliable and reduces electricity bills. Installation is straightforward and benefits are significant. It is a complete, easy-to-install, and reliable system that can save you money on your electricity bills. In conclusion, the SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All-In-One System promises technological brilliance. It embeds an unparalleled fusion of convenience, efficiency, and durability. Therefore, take your first step into the renewable revolution with SRNE today, a decision you’ll surely cherish for years to come.

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 55.5 × 13 × 115.5 cm

For more information, please download the Product Documents here:

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Product Details:

Product Name: SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System.
Description: The SRNE 5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System, a standout among srne inverters, offers efficiency and cost savings. Indeed, srne inverter reviews note its superior performance.

Product Name: SRNE 3.5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System.
Description: Presenting the SRNE 3.5Kw Lifepo4 All In One System. Meanwhile, srne inverter reviews praise its balance of power and affordability. Definition of a robust all in one inverter.

Product Name: SRNE Wi-Fi Module.
Description: The SRNE Wi-Fi Module elevates your srne all-in-one system, introducing remote monitoring and control capabilities. Indeed, it’s a noteworthy addition for srne inverters.

  • The SRNE inverter system is designed to be durable and reliable. SRNE inverter review. Overall, is the SRNE inverters is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable source of power.
  • SRNE settings: See the user manual for more information on these settings.
  • Our solar with battery system is a great way to make sure your home or business is always powered up.
  • Warehouse solar installations can be useful beyond powering warehouses.
  • We provide several of lifepo4 battery models for solar. With solar batteries, you can harness the power of the sun to power your home or business.
  • Inverter pure sine wave technology also produces a much cleaner output than traditional power inverters.
  • The 5kVA inverter is also equipped with safety features to protect against overloading and other potential hazards. Inverter battery for home come in a variety of sizes and types, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

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