Solar Panel Energy

Synapse 5kW – Allgrand 4.8kWh GEL-VRLA – Solar Panel Kit

R56,109.00 incl VAT

Reduce electricity bills by producing, storing, and using your own electricity with this complete Synapse 5.0K 48V Off-grid Inverter. – 4.8kwh Allgrand 200Ah Battery DIY solar power kit, including solar panels, mounting, and ancillaries.

Inverter Description.
Inverter Name: Synapse 5.0K 48V Off-grid Inverter.
Max Power: 5kW.
Max Array Size: 4000W.
Warranty: 2 Years.
Voltage: 48V.

Solar Panel (Generation).
PV Array: 9 x 330w Solar Panels.
Total PV Array Power: 2 970W (9 x 330w Solar Panels).
Calculation: 2 970W X 5.0 full sun hours – minus 20% systems losses.
Est daily solar production: 11.88kWh.

Battery Bank.
Battery Name: Allgrand 200Ah Battery.
Storage Capacity: 4 x Allgrand 200Ah Battery.
Battery power available @ 50% DOD: 4.8kwh.

* Installation & delivery is not included*
This Solar Panel Kit is made up of the following components.

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